Custom Vintage Type

I’ve always wanted to learn about creating type from scratch so I signed up for this Skillshare class taught by Simon Walker. He sure makes it look easy! Starting with just a simple stroke width I learned to work in different thicknesses to create the type. I have to say, I’m not very happy with my first results. I am going to try again though! This is one of those skills I really need practice on.
By the way, D’Anna’s is a deli in Soquel that is really yummy! If you’re ever in the neighborhood pop in a get the Gene Burns sandwich – roast beef, pesto and roasted red peppers.

Logo Design with Aaron Draplin

Here’s another cool Skillshare class, this time taught by Aaron Draplin. I adore his design work, it’s simple but awesome. I picked up a few of the Field Notes memo books he designed and always have one kicking around with me. Check out the memo book archive – all that vintage design is scrumptious!

In this logo design class we were instructed on how to use simple shapes and type to create a family crest. I learned how to keep it simple and really work on the shapes and negative space. My crest includes a hummingbird to symbolize determination, a drafting compass which is where my roots are, a guitar because music saves my life everyday, and a stylized ocean wave because I live by the ocean and never want to leave. The Latin reads: This too shall pass.
I took the lessons I learned and used them to create this Chihuahua crest. I love the simplicity and colors and am discovering that less is sometimes more.