Blood in the Shadows… a Horror Movie Poster

I had some fun today and submitted a design concept for a horror movie poster over on 99Designs. I know a lot of designers hate spec work, but I see it as good practice! As an added bonus I might actually have one of my designs get chosen and make a few bucks.

For the movie poster I created the word ‘blood’ and the drips with India ink. Then I scanned them in and created vectors which I used in layers on the poster. I wanted a simple text based design and took my inspiration from Saul Bass.

Speaking of horror movies and Saul Bass, The title sequence for Psycho is my favorite!

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

I had some fun today designing monster snowflakes. We have Frankenstein’s Monster, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Dracula. These designs were all about symmetry – reflection and 6 fold rotational symmetry. If you are brave and handy with scissors and a hobby knife you can try cutting some out yourself – get the PDFs!
Creature from the Black Lagoon

Craig & Karl

I first read about designers Craig Redman and Karl Maier in the December issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. I immediately fell in love with their playful designs, especially the portraits!
I knew I had to translate that fun style into some of my dog images. I’ve done two so far and love them! I worked on simplifying my images, using bold outlines and making them symmetrical.