Masterson Sta-Wet Palette

Whoa baby, I love this palette! It seems like I’m always fighting my paint drying on the palette. I’ve tried slow-dry mediums, spritzing with water, you name it I’ve tried it. The Sta-Wet palette does just what it advertises – it keeps the paint wet and ready to go. Yesterday I had the palette sitting on my desk open all day and the paint never dried! I could sit down whenever I felt like it and paint for a few minutes, or a few hours.

The palette comes with the plastic palette itself, with an airtight lid. Inside is a sponge on which you place a sheet of palette paper, it comes with 5 sheets of paper. From what I’ve read you can reuse the paper multiple times by just rinsing it off, you can also use both sides. This baby is going to increase my productivity and save me on paint costs, you can’t beat that!

Why I Love Audio Books


I’ve always loved to read, but you know how it goes… sometimes I just can’t find the time! That all changed a few years ago when I discovered the amazing world of audiobooks. As an artist I find I actually have plenty of time for books, if someone is reading them to me. Nothing is better than spending an evening painting in my studio while engrossed in a great story. Sometimes the narrator can bring the book to life in a much different way than I would ever get just reading. I often find myself working on projects much longer because I get so lost in the story so it’s a great way to get things done!

One of the best places for audiobooks is your local library. You can get them on cassette and CD, but the best way is a direct download you can listen to on your computer, Kindle, iPhone, or other device. Having a library card allows you access to many different services such as Overdrive and One Click Digital. Check out your library website or ask the librarian to see what services they offer.

There’s a lot of websites for free audiobooks. LibriVox offers books in the public domain, Project Gutenberg is also a great one.

One resource I find worth every penny is Audible. You get 1 book per month for $14.95. When you look at audiobook prices online you’ll see they’re usually around $30! I always look for extra long books so I get my moneys worth. Stephen King is good for that, The Stand is over 47 hours long! Right now if you sign up for a 30 day trial you get 2 free books and you can’t beat that.

So, no excuses! Get yourself something to listen to while working on your art, cleaning the house, fixing dinner or whatever!

Pattern Design

I’ve always been obsessed with pattern and surface design. I can spend hours wandering through the aisles at my local fabric shop. I decided to try my hand at pattern design and have opened a new online fabric shop – Fab Fabric. So far I’ve taken 2 Skillshare classes: Pattern Design: Creating Inspiring Repeats by Elisabeth Olwen, and Introduction to Surface Design: Creating and Mixing Patterns by Jenna Frye. Both were really helpful! I also highly recommend this book: A Field Guide to Fabric Design. I particularly liked the section on designing repeats which has always been something I struggled with.