Loteria Sketchbook Journal

I have a weird thing about brand new sketchbooks or journals – I get a shiny new one and I’m afraid I’ll mess it up. It then sits in my studio collecting dust until I feel guilty. That’s why I’ve decided to make my own sketchbook! Why not make your own too?
Materials needed: something for the cover – I used Mexican loteria cards, decorative paper for the inside covers – optional, drawing paper for the inside pages, an exacto knife, ruler, glue and a sewing machine.
First trim the cover to your desired size, if you are using decorative paper for the inside trim it to the same size and glue the two together. Trim your inside pages so they are about 1/8 of an inch smaller than the cover. I wanted a simple sketchbook that wasn’t intimidating so I only used four pieces of paper which gives me 16 pages.
Center and stack the pages on top of the cover; then clamp, paperclip or tape it all together; measure down the middle and draw a line.
Set your thread tension so it’s very light, then carefully sew down the line your drew. Don’t break your needle! This sketchbook was very light so there were no issues.
Fold that baby in half and sketch, paint or write with reckless abandon!

Branch Weaving Tutorial

Branch Weaving Materials
I’ve been wanting to learn to weave so when I saw branch weaving I knew I had to try it! It was a nice day outside so I laid everything out on my denim quilt and got to work. Materials needed: V-shaped branch, yarn, scissors, yarn needle, fork (not shown).
Begin by tying your yarn to one of the branches near the bottom of the V. Working your way up wrap the yarn around each side twice, keeping it tight. When you reach the top tie it off on one of the branches.
To begin weaving tie a piece of yarn to the bottom strand of the yarn you already wrapped around the branch. Using the yarn needle work your way up going over and under each strand until you reach the top. Then work your way back down!
Use a fork to keep your weaving tight.
You can switch out colors by tying off the old yarn and tying on new. Experiment and have some fun! You can see how things got a little wonky for me here.
When I finished I drilled a hole in the top and tied a leather cord through it to make a wall hanging. This is my first time weaving anything and while it didn’t come out perfect I had fun and learned a lot. I’m looking forward to more weaving projects!

New PlushBot Model!

PlushBot 2112-02Introducing PlushBot model #2112! He’s new to the PlushBot family and ready to move into his new home. This cute little robot measures 3 1/4 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide. He’s hand sewn from eco-friendly felt, and embellished with beads, buttons and a bit of fabric paint.

Get PlushBot #2112-02 at my Etsy Shop.